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From a care givers point of view I will tell you that life is great (at least for a while) and I will tell you why. Just got back from a two day respite with my friend. Did not take care of anybody. Did not fix any meals. Did not have to give any body a shower and get them dressed. Did not have to give any body breathing treatments insulin shots and other medicines. Did not have to get up in the night unless I wanted to. Did not have to take any body to the hospital and set in the emergency room for hours
What I did do was, stay up late, eat at nice restaurants, dance to some great music, enjoy the companionship of some one with equal mental and physical abilities, had late breakfast and spent the days on the go in the sunshine.
Sounds like a dream, well, it does but some times dreams do come true.
Wishing you all peace and happiness in your lives, where ever you may find it.
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Hi Dave:

Thank you for your sharing and kind wishes... Your weekend sounded absolutely heavenly and it actually felt, for a moment, as if I was there. And, yet, I have been there in the past enjoying those wonderful weekends at the ocean or on top of the mountains for a week. Thank you for reminding me of those times...

Hugs from Glenda

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