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Take a deep breath! Who cares if he gaulked at those breasts? He is the one that made himself look stupid, *gaulking*. I am sure you let him know you were upset with him, and I hope he showed his appreciation for his BD dinner.
As for Dad, been there done that one, next time, just *forget* to bring something home for him. Trust me, when they say that, they forget about it 5 min after you leave.

Was it a Habatchi Japanese place? I love them.

Hugs friend,
Hey Sue - next time you're out with your BF, remark about some guy's nice crotch!! Guys can be pretty stupid, but they can't help it. It's just the way they are. Someday he may understand that the outward appearance can change very quickly.
Hope the food was good. I love Japanese food but haven't had the chance to even go out for dinner.
Next time, don't tell Dad what kind of restaurant you're going to!!
Just chalk the evening up to another one of life's experience. Hope things go better today.
Love Ya,
Awwww Sue...((hugs))

sometimes it just isn't worth it to try to do something special. Men can be such jerks sometimes.

As for Dad, you know if you brought Chinese home he probably wouldn't have eaten much of it anyway, and he can't help that he is confused - Japenese/Chinese. I agree, don't tell him what kind of resturant next time and bring him home whatever.

I hope you enjoyed the food even if BF wasn't as appreciative as he should have been.

Thank all of you for your replies! Yes, they sure can be. Robin, yes it was the Hibatchi dinner - I love them too! Very good food. And yes, I told him not to pump himself up because this was not a jealous issue, but rather a matter of respect. I told him he was being rude and I was not happy with him at that moment. Maybe I said more than I should have, but hec, it was rude! This morning he tells me he "loves me to death." Hmmmm how true is that????
You are all right about my father's food. If I would have forgot or not said what type of food it would not have mattered. And you are right, he hardly ate any.
Hope you are all well.
Sorry I am so late to respond.. poop happens.. and it's easy to categorize men.. not as many good looking men around to gaulk at as women.. that's the real problem... in the meantime, he wakes up by you saying he loves you.. that sounds mighty beautiful to me... keep your power angel. you can't change anyone but yourself and how you react...or respond...

I agree with everyone on not telling your father where you are going... I want you to come home after he's asleep

{{{Sue}}} you sound like your spirits are lifted somewhat.. and I am sure you are looking forward to the long weekend in Atlantic City.. I am not sure if it's such a good idea to tell your father where you are going in the first place with all his confusion.. let your daughter just keep saying you will be home soon... or something.. or maybe arrange for specific times to phone home so that they aren't calling you in the midst of some special moments

I seem to be able to only post once a week from the heavy work load schedule.. I believe I mentioned elsewhere that my mother's sodium was not in balance and it comes from a problem with the brain's interpretation and the problem is called SIADH.. she was given a medication that could cause diarahrea.. never spell that one right lol... and we laughed because it might balance her with her constipation.. as i mention in other posts.. the salt causes short term memory losses.. tremendous confusion and hearing loss amongst other things...

it seems as there was an overnight type virus going around.. I got it.. others I spoke to got it... dizziness, blurry eyes, the runs and nausea... and she complained of this to the doctor thinking it was the new medication so her internet, not the specialist stopped it.. but I believe she had the same virus...

so we began her on the meds again.. she seems to be ok and we are going to to the specialist monday....

in the meantime, I havce always least for the past five years that my mother suffers from panic anxiety.. we spoke to our therapist.. to her doctors, when she approves of my doing so.. and yet when I would bring it up she would deny it as if they would think she was messed up.

I don't know what happneded but I felt myself channeling to her yesterday supporting her to make some healthy choices to reclaim control of her life in a meditation... when I was finished, her breathing was easy over the phone and she said she heard every word and got it... I asked her to journal... she called a half hour later panick stricken, trouble breathing.. and I asked her to please write before eating lunch.. to try to get in touch with where her thoughts went from the time we got off the phone to where she was now, explaining that she was trying to break a habit that existed for all of her life.. her breathing was short, raspy etc.. she kept saying I was right.. that I am always right.. but she doesn't get that it isn't about my being right.. it's about just supporting her to heal herself in her own way.. never do i come from being right and trying to make her wrong... but she has this fixation in her head..well she phoned back in about another 45 minutes to say, she was clear, focused and in touch with where her thoughts went.. that her breathing was clear.. and she called today to say that she had written several more times.. each time that the breathing started and each time she was better at the end of the writing, so I am praying she stays with it...


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