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Hello to all;
I am a caregiver to my elderly father, and sometimes my mom. I have realized that I am honoring my mother and father as the fourth commandment has said. This makes me feel good. I do go to church, and thru this whole experience, it has brought me a bit closer to my faith. I feel a compassion and a patience for others that was not there before. I have good days and bad days, but I know in my soul and my heart that I am doing the right thing by my folks, and it is what I think God (or whoever that entity is) wants me to do. For me now, it's more about spending quality time with my elderly parents; to tell them everything i've ever wanted to tell them. Anyhow, I just wanted to share that. I hope this may help someone else.
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Dear Sue

I'll repeat your statment - I don't mean to sound religious, or even preachy in what I'm going to write next.

Yes, absolutely we are doing the right thing, and we will be blessed for it. Jehovah God is definently real and aware of what is going on, "his arm is not short". He is a source of neverending help and power to continue in this difficult assignment that we have.


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