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I think we all have guides or angels.. for me, I never see anyone.. I don't hear them either. I sense their presence in many ways and this is what validates it for me.. when I can reflect as so many experiences that indicate. I wish I had the time to write about some of the experiences here but I am trying to finish up here in the office as I am leaving on business for 10 days.. will try to catch up again and respond more.

Good question. I don't know if there are guardian angels, spirits, or what. I do believe in God, and I believe that Jesus is always with us. I say this because of a few things that have happened in Wayne's life. One in particular....

He had worked a double shift (18 hours) and was driving home, fell asleep, and hit a tree. This is how he related the story....
I crawled out of the car. 7 minutes later I heard a car drive by. 7 minutes later a red truck stopped and asked if I needed help. 7 minutes later the ambulance came. There was someone standing across the street in front of the church, just watched and finally said you will be okay now the ambulance is coming. I didn't see where they went, they just kinda disappeared.

Truth is he left work at 5 am, the tree he hit is 10 minutes from there if you stop at all the traffic lights. The ambulance picked him up at 6:38 am. (not the 3 x 7 minutes he says) The church is empty. No one lives there. The car hit the tree, flipped over and slid across the street. I don't know how he got out. The steering wheel was broken off, the roof of the car pushed down to the top of the seat. The engine was pushed through the passenger side of the car. The ambulance people said they found him laying on the sidewalk, face down. He had no injuries, just a stratch on one arm and a scrape on one thigh.

I feel that someone was watching over him and stayed with him. Now he talks in his sleep and the conversations are quite interesting. My pastor at church believes he is talking to either Jesus himself or the angel who is take him Home.
I'm not sure either, but I can tell you that the numerous times my Mom has been in a crisis time (she is critcally ill), she will tell me that a man sits in her room and watches her at night. She is extremely descriptive as to his appearance and she tells me he does not speak, just reads and watches her. She feels safe with him, so I often wonder if he could be her guardian angel. I think maybe so.
I believe in angels, my oldest daughter is mine. She died 13 years ago on Mothers'Day. My remaining daughter and I know she is with us, we talk to her and celebrate her Not Birtday each year.
Everyone has to have something to hold onto, and knowing that she is with Jesus keeps us focused on where we are going, otherwise, the pain of her lose and others would be too much.
Wow, truly inspirational stories, and gives us all something to reflect upon. Thank you for sharing.

As a young child I have always felt the presence of a loved one that has passed. When one of my parents were in the hospital, especially mom, who was in ICU for a year, and having cancer myself, I believe that my Guardian Angel(s) watched over me, embraced me, and gave my inner soul courage.
My mother has had a *life after death* experience while having surgery, she was prounounced dead while all 5 of her children (youngest was only 1) were in a dark, dreary military hospital. We were told that if she ever came out of this now, she would be a vegetable. God graced us. She survived, no brain damage, however she told us a story. She saw herself on the table, felt no pain, but there was a light. She calls in an angel that told her she could come back because she had children to raise. Immediately following that experience, all her pain came back and so did she.
I think we all have our own spiritual beliefs, whether it be with a God, Angels, or something other. Our beliefs, and faiths, help us through the struggles of our everyday lives, and encourages us to remain focused on what is truly important.
Absolutely!! Too many times to count. When my father had come out of his coma from the stroke, and after he could speak again. He said that a little Indian boy would come sit by his hospital bed and ask my father about his engineering. (My father was a mechanical engineer). I was there at the hospital many times, and never saw this boy. But my father used to tell me, long before his stroke, that he believed he was an Indian in a past life. He took a trip for work one time to Oklahoma and said how it felt like home (he was born and raised in NJ)and he actually recognized places, though he had never been there before. So....who knows, but I have had experiences that are not of this world. I think it would be selfish to think that there are not others amoung us in some form.
Funny you mention about your dad....just reminded me about my dad. He was on life support back in November, and when they took him off of it he told me that his favorite dog was by his side the entire time. Told me he was protected by him. Could that be his guardian angel? :-)
Hmmm...good question angel...

I'm not sure either if there is such a thing or...if our "sensations" of being watched over is more of a deep love of a loved one passed on which motivates us to keep going...

It's like (not sure of the proper term) the people who can communicate with your loved ones beyond the grave...for me, being a very ungullible person, I would definetely have to experience it to believe it..

All of my work for the past 25 years or so has been surrounding in working with psychic energies etc.. intuition, tuning in and connection.

We get very attached to our physical forms and our daily trials and tribulations.. it is very difficult for individuals to take time to really quiet themselves and go within to shift from the left side of the brain to the right.. and it is a gift that we are all born with.. but many choose not to develop out of fear or just not wanting to believe.. sometimes the ego keeps pulling us away from the needs of the soul.. and this too, keeps us from going within.. we all have our individual paths to journey through.. sometimes we are distracted on the physical plane and sometimes, we are stopped dead in our tracts... and it is then when some form of a confirmation comes through to reawaken one's soul..

There are different ways to develop your gifts of the soul... prayer, meditation, deep breathing, visualization, journal writing etc. Hundreds of books, cds.. people like Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Carolyn Myss, Alan Cohen, and many many other well known individuals have books, cd's, videos etc and speak around the world .. many of them are on public broadcasting stations on telelvision.. there's a saying : when the student is ready, the teacher appears and vice versa: when the teacher is ready the student appears... However, there are no accidents in life.. there is only the synchronicity and the higher purpose or bigger picture that we may not always grasp in the moment.

Caregiving especially, is a role that helps us to transform in so many ways.. to move into forgiveness, to heal and to open to love, the highest vibrational energy in the universe.. the greatest healing power of all.


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