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Today was the first day my husband didn't wake up and recognize me. I knew the day was coming and am ok with it. To me it means he is progressing, and that progression leads to peace.

His heart rate was at 120-130 bpm, respiration was 30-40 pm, output for the day was almost nill, and his temp was at 102.2

Morphine has been ordered, and he can have it every 15 minutes if needed. Adavan also was ordered and he can have that every hour if needed.

He is resting pretty well. He has bouts of what I call "posturing". He goes stiff throughout his body. I take this as signs of more strokes.

I am holding up fine, until someone comes in and puts their arm around me and says "how you doing". If they wouldn't do that I would be fine.

The girls are doing very well with everything. Our youngest seems to be handling everything the best. She spends time up at the hospital by herself with her dad.

Our daughter out east will be coming as soon as he is gone. We decided it would be best if she waited until then so that the grandkids won't see him in this state.

That is about it. Will post again later.
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