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In our home we've made the conscious decision to avoid telecasts that focus on event anniversaries and deconstructions, etc.  Today it's 9/11.  A few days ago it was Katrina.  Next week will be Ivan.  Now many of you will add Irene to the list.  We didn't live through it, but we really don't even care to watch Pearl Harbor re-enactments.  Sometimes we watch the JFK "conspiracy" shows, but not the actual footage replays.


I'm not saying it's not useful to remember and reflect about these events and their impacts.  I'm all for honoring those who died or lost loved ones.  In our household, at least, it just seems to raise our collective blood pressure and stress level to have these things on the tv for more than a few minutes at a time.  I also hold a strong resentment for those who leverage these sorts of events for their own monetary or political gains.  So that adds another layer to why you won't see me at any local remembrance.


My mother had strong connections to New York City.  She spent most of her early life there (1930's, 40's and 50's).  She lived in lower Manhattan and worked on Wall Street.  That morning I had a chance to tell her what happened before we turned on the tv.  As a family we are fortunate that we didn't lose anyone that day.  My cousin was on an international flight that got diverted to Canada.  I'm ever grateful that Mom had just come home from a summer with my sister out west and didn't have to go through all the travel disruptions.  Just a few weeks later was when she fell and I knew I couldn't care for her at home by myself anymore.


So that's what's on my mind today.  Hope you are all doing well.



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well said Barbara...


I went to Israel in the late 60"s and had dated someone while I was there... when i got back to the states and the six day independence war was on the news, the guy I dated was splashed on the television screen dead, from that moment on I never turned on the news on the radio or tv... I realized there was never anything uplifting or inspirational... always information to wear us all down ... sensationalized to boot. When I would go away and leave my animals at home, I no longer left the television on or radio.. I left music playing on my tape cassettes or cd's endlessly rather than have them absorb the vibrations as well...


as for 9/11 - it was when NOFEC was going... I had come back from a labor day weekend vacation a day early on the 9th... my mother who was about 85 at the time and I were scheduled to go to the cemetery for my dad on the 11th but because I came home a day earlier I phoned her and suggested we go on the 10th instead..I picked up the rental car and my mom and as we were driving down the west side highway here in nyc, I asked her what time it was... we were passing the world trade center buildings and it was 8:45am...if we had gone on the  11th as scheduled, we would have been smack in the middle of it all.... we both knew and understood that we were guided... my mom chose in that moment to live more fully even though she was already ill and suffering...


My mother saw the towers go down from her terrace on the 21st floor and I saw them go down from my apt window... I used to see the top third of the twin towers... I broke my rules and got caught up with watching it on television... i suffered greatly from it for months working with meditation etc..


I have been back from Mexico for three weeks as the sublet for my apt was over and have been working to get it back to normal. I have not turned the news or television on other than to watch movies on channels that don't talk about 9/11. I heard there was a threat but personally from my gut, I think it is the government working on putting fear on everyone again... Yesterday I walked 20 blocks through a street fair.. today, I am staying in, meditating sending love and healing prayers out into the universe... this is all I can do from my inner being.. my compassion is there but all the hype is not something I want to keep in me any longer...


I don't want to get political and I won't except to say that governments all over the world are about greed and control... and those in power do not have a spiritual awareness or consciousness about themselves... they believe we only go around once so the control, power and greed is what is necessary but all of it does not make them peaceful... they get drunk.. they numb themselves and want more and more...


But in general, all the peoples of the world want peace... and we are the ones that fall victims to the govts and their control...  there! I've said it....


If the governments put 10% of their time and money allocations to family caregivers around the world, the world would be a happier place.








I was a little hesitant to post, thinking especially of you.  I didn't know whether you were personally touched by events.  I'm glad you and your mother were not right there, but I can only imagine, after seeing it "live" on tv how terrible it would be to see it from your own window. 


I'm sorry about your Israeli friend.  I can feel how much you still hurt from that loss.  I heard someone on the radio today talking about the difference between mourning and grief.  Mourning is a process that happens after a loss, whereas grief is an emotional wound that may never completely heal.


I agree with your views about governments by men (people).  I can't say more without launching into a rant.  Instead I'll focus my energy on enjoying my kitties playful jumping around and also hold healing thoughts for all who are in pain on this day.


Love n hugs,


Hi Gals:


I so agree Barb that watching the 9/11 events cannot help anyone's peace of mind! Gail, I am sorry that you and your mother had to live through that experience which was so close to home.


Let me share my little experience in which I was much less impacted! I had just come to care for Dad after his injury during the robbery. He was recovering and watching the news (over and over again) while I escaped to the outside to a much more beautiful environment and pretty much missed the event. It was too horrific!


Now Dad lived about 20 minutes from the Seattle-Tacoma airport and was in the flight pattern which he loved - after all he was a Boeing engineer... However, what I remember most was when they discontinued all the airline flights. It was so quiet! It was just like a calm had come over the world... 


But it didn't last for long and now we are back to the "noise". While it is amazing what mankind has accomplished, it changes the complexion of our world. Oftentimes I long for the "slower" days where such horrific acts are not so easily carried out! 


Hugs, Glenda


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