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First thank you so much for your support, encouraging words and prayers. Just reading the post that others made made such a difference for me. Dad passed on Oct 2, 2011. I was blessed that I was there, reading to him when he left to join mom and my brother. We were blessed that he went quickly. He had an awesome day the Wed. Before he passed. He was up early, Ate like a champ, I taught him to use my I pad, we picked out his headstone, and had wonderful conversation the whole day. he didn't go to bed that night till 10, no nap which was highly unusual. Thurs. Started the same way but by thurs evening he was starting to feel intense pain. Called hospice and they started morphine. They wanted to take him to their facility but he said no. I was still in denial and encouraged him to go so they could get a handle on his pain and promised he would come home. The nurse took me aside and said he would not be coming back. That's when it sank in, this was the end. I slept next to
him that night. Once they started the drip he was out of it. I didn't realize it would be like that. Our last words were on Friday afternoon. Family was in and out Saturday. Sunday was just 2 brothers , my children and their families. they had all gone by 645 pm and I started reading to him. Around noon on Sunday he became very agaited and bolted up into a sitting position calling for my mom. Gave hin meds to calm him. Before my brother and son left they both told him it was ok to go with mom. 10 minutes after they left, he passed. One brother that had caused grief never did come, even though that week dad had repeatly asked to see him. He did not attend the service or burial. I am still in shock over that.After mom hanging on for 3 years after her diagnosis I wasn't prepared for dad to be gone so quickly (4 months) I realize now he hid a lot of pain from me. Those months were some of the best months of my life, time I will always cherish. Moms birthday is tomorrow and in a way knowing They are together eases my pain.

This weekend is the estate sale. Losing 3 family members in 7 months has been a struggle emotionally but thanks to my family and being able to share and learn from others experiences has been a God send. Bless you all.
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Hello Debby,


I am saddened to hear of your loss... I am praying your dad's transition was gentle and easy... From the sound of things, you and your dad gave a special gift to each other these last months. You did incredible work and your story has touched me greatly as there was so much healing for you both....


This is a time to be gentle and nurturing with yourself... please continue to post... we are here for you...


richest blessings


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