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Hey folks..

Hope you're all doing well..: )
I'm afraid my time online has been a bit sporadic as of late..seems no matter how well one tries to organize ones life things pile up..maybe just living day to day is the
My sister in law who'd been diagnosed with cancer had her surgery...she was pretty full of cancer she'll be retested to see if she needs chemo etc..
Then a childhood friend of my husbands was in town to attend his mothers funeral..we also attended as we know the whole family...that same week another good friend's younger sister passed away from cancer..his younger brother had committed suicide a couple years ago so have been trying to spend time with him...
Then last week my mil thought she was having another stroke so it was yet another day spent at emerg..turns out her face and lips which were going numb was a broken blood vessel in her cheek..
We've not even had our 2 weeks holidays yet this summer..too much a week we are supposed to get them..we shall see...we could use the time was our anniversay and hubby's birthday last week and nice romantic supper out will be a godsend...

take care everyone..: )
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Hi Doll:

It is good to hear from you... Sounds like this has been a rather rough summer for you and all. I am so glad to hear your mother had a minor problem. Nothing like a little stress which is for naught!!!

I think you are right about "living one day at a time" or even "moment to moment" some days. I know that whenever I sit down to have a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate - lol) any more, I consider it a moment of joy. It is time, after all, to breathe...

I hope we hear more from you about how you are all holding up. Hoping also that you get your vacation time... Meanwhile, take care and know we love to hear from you!

Love and Hugs from Glenda
Hi hi..: )

No we didn't go anywhere this summer..we decided summer and this coming winter we better finish our basement fixing the flood damage..that involves redoing our whole front yard too soooo...just got too busy to travel anywhere...not to mention having the 2 doggies with health problems..
Wasn't much of a summer here anyways..the weather was garden was pretty unproductive...the weeds grew good but not much else..we're all still plugging along here...very busy with work(it's auditing season so made sure all my books and bills are in order jusssst in case)...have had computer issues too and a computer whiz friend who needs the money yet doesnt seem to want to actually's reinstalled my xp but it's still doing the shutdown thing out of the blue so he'll be hearing from me soon yet again..I'm actually surprised I did a few posts on here and it's still running..I didn't really miss having a computer over summer but with winter fast approaching I want my computer running...I'm not a big tv watcher
Hope you all are doing well?
I have some catching up to do on here I see...barring more system shutdowns...


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