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The National Alliance for Caregiving is searching for family caregivers who are currently caring for someone over age 18 who has been adversely affected by the recent economic downturn and is struggling financially to continue to cover caregiving costs. We would like these caregivers to be available for media interviews in conjunction with a National Alliance for Caregiving survey. Specifically:

>Caregivers who have had a change in their work situation (been laid off, cut back on hours or their spouse has been laid off from work) and the cost of caregiving is an added burden hard to continue

>Caregivers who have had to move in with their loved one or their loved one has moved in with them to save costs

>Caregivers who have been trying to sell their loved one's home and cannot in this mortgage crisis

>Caregivers who are incurring credit card debt, using savings or just struggling to pay bills because they are also covering caregiving costs

If you know family caregivers who fit this description and would be interested in being contacted by media, please contact the following person before April 6:

Sherri Snelling
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