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Hello Gail & all,

I need some guidance, please. I have been told that there are agencies within Texas that will pay a family care-giver. But I am unable to find any of this information on line. My Mother has dementia (later stage). Several years ago I moved in with her to help. But the demise over the past year has been drastic. I've had to leave my career and now find that I must have some kind of financial help. She has a medicare supplement through Humana Gold Plus. This is a great program for Dr.s, perscriptions, and hospital stays, but does not provide any time of custodial care or home health care. I'm told that if I switch her to medicaid that they have programs for home health care. But that the state programs that pay families are best. Is this some secret society? I have called and called but can not find how to go about this. I saw a past article on this website but 800 number routes you to "no where" land. Can anyone please tell me who/how to go about finding "care and counseling pay" information in Texas?

Thank you,

Blessed Be to all

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Hello Jackie Welcome..


You will have to forgive me because I have truly been out of the loop as to what is going on nationally in caregiving in many areas... I am now in a new field but cannot close Empowering Caregivers as it helps so many.


I just did a search in google under: caregiver cash and carry programs in texas and links do show up....


you can also contact your local dept on aging, area agency on aging, eldercare locator at: or 800-677-1116,  National Alliance for Caregiving... also look up Lifespan Respite: for help as well as Faith in Action programs for volunteers to assist a bit if there is a program in your area.. write your mayor and governor for assistance as well. Grants for caregivers and the Alzheimer's Assoc. Unfortunately you will find some places that offer money but not enough to sustain you and support you... there are application processes that go hand in hand with it as well. Unfortunately, our govt finds it more impt to engage in bombs, war, pay outs to huge corporate executives but doesn't find it valuable to help the family caregiver members saving them over $350 billion a year by keeping loved ones home and out of facilities. It is truly a horror in this day and age.


I hope that you will find some better results with this info.. please keep us posted.


richest blessings







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