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I can't read any posts that people are making. I keep getting the message that I have performed an illegal operation and will be shut down immediately. I'm not hooked into any network...this is my own home computer. I would be saddened not to be able to read the posts. Talk about frustrated! Seems the little things can really get to you sometimes too. Bad day I guess.

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Hello to you my dear new friend. Talk about frustrateed at not being able to do what you want on the computer and have those little warnings come up, there are times I could drive my fist right through the screen. That would accomplish a lot i know but man do I ever feel like it at times.
I'm 57 years old and am just learning as I go. No courses or anything and the mistakes I've made and the stuff I've deleted I could write a book on it.
I eenjoy my computer so I just correect any mistakes that I can and ask a LOT of questions. Now following directions that's a laugh. just for example the first time I visited this chat line it said to click on chat button, well you think I could find that button? it tok quite a while bfore i thought i wondr if this is it and clicked on empowering caregiver and low and behold the word chat appeeared and i was in. so don't be too hard on yourself my dear friend If I can do it anyone can.
I do hope w geet a chance to chat again
Love in Him

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