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he Campaign for Better Care has officially launched, and you are now part of a growing movement of patients, caregivers, advocates, and concerned citizens who want all Americans to realize the promise of health reform.

We need your help spreading the word to your friends and family. And what better time than the month of May!

Why? May is "Older Americans Month." It�s a great opportunity to recognize the contributions of older Americans to our country and, this year, to celebrate the launch of the Campaign for Better Care.

The Campaign for Better Care is all about older Americans as we work to ensure that health reform works for those who need it most � vulnerable older adults with multiple health problems, and their family caregivers.

We all deserve comprehensive, coordinated health care, and it�s just not right that the people who are the sickest and most vulnerable are not getting the health care they need.

So let�s do something about it! Let�s build a movement that will drive the change America needs. Take the pledge to join the Campaign for Better Care�s month of action for older Americans!

We are launching a month-long public education drive to spread the word about the need for better coordinated, patient- and family-centered care. This month, we�ll provide you with a variety of tools to help you spread the word. From online actions through Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter, to the tools you need to start meaningful conversations about these crucial issues with your friends and family � we�ll give you everything you need to be an "ambassador" for better care!

Why is better care so important? Older adults with multiple health problems need:

* Their doctors to talk to one another,
* Providers to work together as a team,
* Medical records at their fingertips, and
* A "point person" so they aren�t left to fend for themselves.

They need better coordinated care to help avoid medical errors, duplicative tests, and wasted time and costs. They need services in their communities that help them take care of themselves and live independently.

At the Campaign for Better Care, we get it. We fought long and hard for the passage of the historic health reform law. And we now have an equally important challenge to ensure that the new law is implemented effectively... so all Americans can fully realize the promise of better care.

We will be a powerful voice for older Americans as reform is implemented. But we need you to help spread the word! Whether online or in your community, we need you to help raise awareness about why the Campaign for Better Care is so important to you, me and all our family and friends!

Your voice, as part of the chorus of voices for better care, will make a real difference for older Americans.


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