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Mom was diagnosed with c-dif almost a year ago. First the Dr. prescribed Flagyl, which didn't work, then we switched to Vancomycin, which also didn't work. So now she's back on Flagyl and taking a probiotic called Florastor. Also, her doctor prescribed Questran. Recently she had two weeks with no symptoms, but now it's back again. This is a terrible bacterial infection of the gut which causes severe diarhhea and stomach cramps. She has to stick to a bland diet and can't eat many of the foods she really prefers. This c-dif is taking away any quality of life she might be able to have, because she's afraid to leave the house for fear of an accident. Has anyone had success in treating this disease? Any ideas for keeping her diet interesting? She's having a hard time keeping weight on.
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My husband had it and it is a son of a gun to get rid of. I think he had it off and on for the better part of a year. Questran eventually worked for him, but it also interfered with his medications, so that is something to watch for. He was also on Flagyl and vancomycin.

I am sorry to hear of anyone getting this problem. It's truly a horrible thing.
Hello Maverick:

I am sorry that your mother is suffering from c-dif. I haven't had any experience with that particular disease, but I know how challenging it can be to keep our elderly healthy. Have you tried any of the protein drinks or ensure to add calories to your mother's diet. I would suggest going to a health food store and see what they might suggest that will fit into a bland diet that will supply the vitamins and minerals your mother needs.

Meanwhile, SEAandSKY has given you some good news. The fact that Questran has worked for her husband is reassuring. Do know that we are here for you, Maverick, and hoping for the best for you and your mom. God Bless You!

Love and Hugs from Glenda

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