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If your parent owns his house and you move in to caregive and manage the house (write checks, do chores, hire people for repairs . . .)do you ever get flack from any siblings for "taking control". Maybe your parent is closer to you now because you're always there for him/her. How does this affect your sibling(s)?
Has any brother or sister complained? What do s/he tell you? How do you respond?
P.S. You can also get flack if a parent moves in with you, right?
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Hi deep blue..

well i haven't had to go through this myself, but I can speak from listening to so many who do..

there are those whose siblings are totally supportive of the one caring for them to receive a salary and financial support, especially if they have given up work to help their parent..

and there are those siblings who are threatened for many reasons..some of which may or may not include the following reasons

jealousy that the sibling who is caring for the parent spends more time with them

guilt because they may think they should be doing it or pitching in more while at the same time they may or may not really want to do it.

control issues..siblings direct and order the one who is doing all the work in caring how they should be doing it better etc..some want to have the one caring report all their expenses etc.

fear they might not receive any money in the inheritance or that all the monies will be spent while caring for the parent at home...

I could go on and on...hope this helps...

blessings to you

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