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Tuesday will be Mom's b-day. she would have been 81.
I know I am going to the cemetery with some balloons but, I'd like to do something else.

Last year when Mom turned 80 we had a real nice party for her. My grandson who is 5 (loves a party by the way) really gets into singing happy birthday, he swings his arms and really belts it out. I'd love to have him come sing at the cemetery but I know he would not.

Any other suggestions???
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It's just me, again. Ya know what I do to celebrate my Moms birthday? Her and I had this 'thing' going every year for her special day where I bought her a red rose for each year of life that she had given me, and she in turn would give me a dirty look and say,' Diane, why are you wasting money on all these roses' Her birthday was 12- 1, so it could get a lil expensive. And I in turn would tell her that each rose was for each year that she loved me and took care of me. So if the roses were a waste, so was I. She would give me one of those cute lil grins and alwasy come to me and give me a hug and kiss. Well, know instead of handing her the roses, I leave one at her grave, representing how many years I am missing her. This year it will be 4 red roses. And its funny but, after I talk to her at the gravesight, I still hear her saying, Diane, I told you not to waste your money. I now know how very much you loved me...
In any case, maybe you can have the lil one look at pictures of gram and tell them stories about her. Memories are just ideas that have already happened.
I think you have a wonderful idea.. other things that come to mind for me to reconnect deeper with your mom may be to light a candle in her honor.. make a donation in her her honor.. and to just sit and write a letter to her... hsaring your thoughts and feelings.. I know it will be a bittersweet but beautiful time for you... keep us posted angel...

Thanks for all your suggestions.
I just simply bought 2 'Happy Birthday' balloons and some roses and my poem to the cemetery.
When I opened the car door one of the balloons blew away and drifted ever so slowly upwards. My daughter said that was the balloon Mom wanted with her.
Nothing special but it was just me and Mom talking like we did so many times before.

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