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My love's eyes say I cannot follow.
I see her there sinking into her shadow.
Today is my birthday I'm feeling so low
worse of all my wife doesn't seem to know.

Chemotherapy is hellish weather
can turn a silken skin into leather.
She just sits there silent as stone
treating me like a complete unknown.

She used to be so full of joy
and her energy never seemed to quit
but now all that cancer did destroy
and robbed her life like a merciless bandit.

Everyday for her it's the same old misery
she seems to have no reason to look ahead.
Will she ever get out of this infirmary?
Does she even recall words of love I have said?

Now I put my hands together in prayer
She has done the labor let her enjoy the fruit
Please rescue her from this deadly snare
she's falling fast in need of a heavenly parachute.

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