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Hello All:

I just talked to hospice today and they told me about their bereavement groups. I guess you can get individual counseling through hospice or join a bereavement group. I don't know what to do. It seems like I have just been numb since Dad died...

I miss him so and, as usual, can't really talk to friends about how I am feeling. They do not want to hear it and so I have been laying low. I have no family anymore which is also typical after being the caregiver...

Just feeling blue, Glenda
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Hello dear Angel,
Although I am behind a screen, and I haven't posted lately, I want you to know that your presence and your words reach so many that I am sure we all wish we could just give you *real* hugs, smiles and comfort, and company that you are reaching out for.
One day at a time friend, keep sharing, and be gentle with yourself as I know you are doing. Whether a group, individual, or online support groups, what works for you is what is best for YOU.
Love and hugs,
Glenda......big hugs to you.
As you have told me in the past, this grief thing is tough work. But let it come,give yourself time to cry and scream.

I know when I was having the toughest times I would call the counselor from hospice. She was always very nice and would help me through the tough time.

I've not done the bereavement group,but I do know that the counselor is there for you. she will listen.

It is so very tough not having family that you can interact with. But we are here for much as we can be......

Please take care of yourself. Give into the grief and let it help to heal you.

God Bless,
Oh Glenda: I knew something was just not right ---- your numbness ---- I'm so hurting for your pain. You now feel you have no one to talk to. Same road I'm going down with my Dad still here, and family abandoned. I have let go. Please seek out to the bereavement support group --- don't give in to being alone ----- reach out to a group of others "in person" that can come over to see your or visit with you. Please know we all love you and you have been through so much. God is always holding your hand ---- he will get you through. You have done so much for others --- it is now time for others to do for you. You can do this ----- Love & Prayers ... Vickie (It is so touching as your story with your Dad is so much like my own ----- yet even with all that ---- grief still takes hold of us). God Bless You ..... Reach out to "someone" --- the bereavement group is what I needed when my sister and Mom passed on --- if only I'd took that step ---- I might would have gotten better over the years. I did reach out to my church and made a good support system and my cousin after 40 years came into my life from childhood. God will provide a way!!! He never changes!
Hi Y'All:

Thank you so much for the support. I am having some really hard days lately. It seems like when Dad was here, just his presence was strength and support. I miss hearing him in the cookie jar...

I guess that, when I am ready, I can go to a bereavement group. Patty, I talked to the counselor from hospice today (she was very soothing). She felt that with all I have going on, that going to a group might be stressful right now. I know she is right and so will continue to call her during this tough time...

Robin, I will try to be gentle with myself but it is easier said than done some days. I keep thinking back and wish I had Dad back which is so selfish.

Vickie, you are so perceptive. I haven't had much in me lately it seems... This part of the journey is the pitts!

So, I will just take it day by day and hope to get through this. I am so glad to have you all to listen to my "blue period". I so appreciate your support, advice, prayers and understanding...

Love and Hugs from Glenda
Glenda, I am so sorry that you have to go through this and alone is really hard. I went through a breavement group as hospice about 8 years ago and it was very helpful. They helped my girls also. You should go but when the time is right. No matter if you go or don't you still have to go through the mourning, which is the hard part. Everyone mourns differently also. Sorry to say that you have to go through the pain to get to the other side.

T&P and lots of hugs.

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