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Hey to all of you wonderful people! I have not been here since Momma passed away, I think. I have thought about all of you and read & lurked some but just have not posted anything since her death. I apologize for MIA. Just had so much on my mind, I could not make myself come back for a while.
Grief, Good Lord. It is something anyway you look at it, huh? But this grief that I have had since Momma died is so different. I cannot explain it, just different from Daddy's grief or my sis, Denise's grief I experienced. I suppose it has had a lot to do with the Alzheimer's and Caregiving situation. It all just left me spent, totally exhausted and empty. Slowly I have been healing and going thru the grief that is mine to bear but it is painstakingly slow and difficult to do, isn't it?
I seem to be in an Anger/Rage "stage" right now. I just seem to blow up every once in awhile and it is embarrassing when I have calmed down. I wonder how many of you that have "finished" your Caregiving role have experienced this too? I would love to hear from you and hear any advice for coping or processing the Anger alittle better. Please, any advice would be welcome.
I pray that everyone is doing well in whatever place you find yourself at today.
Blessings and peace, always.
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Hi Treese:

We have missed you and, of course, you were on my mind yesterday... I am glad to hear that you are working through the stages. Be gentle with yourself during this time.

I think it is only normal to feel anger and other emotions after caring for a loved one and then to lose them. Just flow with your emotions and do not feel guilty or badly because of them. Eventually, they will lessen, let loose of you and allow you to move on.

Take time to journal those feelings and look back on them occasionally. It will help... Meanwhile, know that we are here for you and take care Treese.

Love and Hugs from Glenda

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