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Hi everyone,
Well I took a big step yesterday. I asked 2 of my siblings to have my father for a week each. I have been mauling this for sometime now, being my relationship has been strained with my siblings,however, I had nothing to lose by asking. It worked. Sometime in July each will take him for a week. Now I can have my home back, and enjoy some quality time with my husband and children. The best part is that I am *guilt FREE*.
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Good going Robin.
This will give you some much needed help.
I hope you get to use the time the way you want and I hope that your siblings follow through and don't have twenty excuses when the time comes. Stay strong. Become unavailable when the time comes. Dad will survive this and so will your siblings. It may just be the eye opener they need.

Thank you Lou.
I am waiting for the dates, and then making my plans. Dad doesn't even know he is going on a little vacation yet. He has been very cranky, demanding, and spiteful these past few days. When my friend was here from California he went into the hospital the night she came. Last night I had my neighbor over, he lost his wife, and we had some wine and a barbecue. We tried doing this at his house a few weeks ago, and dad started with his panic mode, and I gave into it. Now, my kids were upstairs, and me, hubby and the neighbor were on my deck. Out of nowhere dad falls. I am wondering what he is pulling here. Is he starving that much for attention? I know that sounds harsh, but this is what he would do to my mom when I was young. Always trying to get attention. So, he is going on a little vacation. Let's see how my siblings do with this for only a week, and how he does with them. Like I said.....Guilt FREE for ME.
Adding to the day (posted under What are you Feeling), I rec'd an email from my sister who is taking dad in July for a week. She tells me her son (31) is going on vacation for the week of 4th of July. Asked if I could bring my father there, and we could also celebrate my mom's birthday. Now, maybe I am asking for too much, but why can't they come here and get him and his things? I don't want to travel anywhere for any reason. I just want some relief. So my response was I was planning on a party for my daughter's birthday, and having friends over for the 4th. So the next response was can't I make some arrangements to bring have him before that? I said sure..let me know what day you are coming.
Oh boy Robin.
Your are being slamdunked! Doesn't it kinda of make you think sometimes, "am I crazy? why and I doing this?" I have done that because my brothers manage to dodge ever bullet and I am am slowly dying sometimes from the bullets. Well, let them come and get him whenever! Rest is rest.
Thinking of you,
Oh my gosh Robin, I kinda laughed myself silly as I read how you "mauled" over asking your two siblings vs "mulled over".. I guess either term could be appropriate...

I am glad you were able to ask them.. and I am sorry they are giving you the same ole, same ole poop.. but you stick to your guns.. as for your dad.. for two years, everytime I travelled on business my mother landed up in the hospital.. after about the sixth time, the doctor's and nurses began asking her, where's gail travelling off to? I think my mother finally got it because the last 4 or 5 times, she hasn't gone to the hospital... it's an unconscious need that arises... we are their gifted carers and no one cares for them as wel do.. I think this about sums it up for them... keep us posted on the saga of the siblings...luv 2 u
Robin... Hi. It is so good that you have asked for this very little bit of help and I would stick to it and just sit back with a smug smile as they squirm and try to get this to somehow fit with their

The other thing too is that they are not going to see the real picture probably anyway. Dear Dad will possibly be on top behaviour for a week at a time. I don't mean this badly... we would all do it and he will probably come home exhausted from the effort.

Hang on to this, make the most of it...

x Alison

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Hi Alison,
Welcome back. How was your trip?
Well the siblings are at it again. Of course the excuses are starting. Including my mother~ ugh. (Gail, you were right, again)
At first I requested 1 week between the oldest and the youngest. One can't have him in July, too much going on, and the other at first said a week or more, and now it is just the week her eldest (32) is going on vacation in July. She said she will not make them leave their rooms. Can you imagine? I decided that I have 5 members of this family, and why can't we just take turns, rather than have the load all the time? Mom is carrying on about how he cannot go home...period. It is just unbelievable BS.
So, I am bringing him to my sisters the beginning of July, and from there, THEY can figure it all out.
How are you doing Alison?
Hi Robin.... Keep Strong! Try to get some fun out of watching them wriggle and squirm.

Had a great break.... short but wonderful to be alone. I still have a couple of days before I bring DH home and I will be ready. Love the man.

Hope to talk with you soon.

x A

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