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Dear Asiza,


I just read on Facebook that your mother has passed. I was actually quite shocked since she seemed to feisty and demanding in your recent posts. I am sorry to learn that she has transitioned.... I pray her transition was gentle and easy.


I know you must be going through a range of emotions and just allow yourself to move through them gently and with nurturing. You were a remarkable daughter and caregiver and this was a blessing for her even if she was unable to express it to you.


Unlike many caregivers, you can see a bigger picture in store for yourself. You are married to a wonderful man, you can have your child with out worrying about how you can make ends meet et and create a new life in the most magnificent way... you will no longer have to deal with family members who were not there for you....


I do hope you will remain a part of the community and keep us posted of all the blessings you receive.


My thoughts and prayers are with you.... richest blessings



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I am sad to hear of your loss. What a surprise really...


I hope for you to move forward in peace. I know that is easier said than done. My father was very close to 90 when he passed and I have still not come to terms. It is not easy!


God bless you and your DH. Just know that we are still here for you and hope to hear how you are doing.


Hugs, Glenda

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