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I am researching an article for Consumer Reports magazine on how to manage medical care for people with serious, life-limiting or terminal diseases. I am interested in talking to people about the medical experiences of loved ones in this situation. Were you happy with the care from doctors & hospitals? Did you feel pressured to go ahead with invasive, aggressive treatments that, in retrospect, did little or nothing to extend life? Did you feel that you understood the person�s medical situation at all times, most especially when their condition started to deteriorate? Did you ever sit down with a doctor and have a conversation about realistic prognosis and the medical options available, or did your family member receive �everything possible� right up to the end? Did you feel that the doctors understood and respected your wishes & values? What advice would you have for others facing this situation?
I invite you to contact me by email at if you would like to share your story. My intention is to use some stories in an upcoming magazine article, with the permission of those who shared them. We strongly prefer to hear from people who are willing to be identified in print. Thank you so much � Nancy Metcalf, Senior Project Editor, Consumer Reports.

Nancy Metcalf
Senior Project Editor
Consumer Reports/Consumer Reports on Health
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