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Well I heard from the attorney that was going to do my case. They said it was "not economically feasable for their office" and "recommend I seek another attorney immediately."

They also sent me a copy of my husbands medical records on CD.

So I naturally went through them. And found the CT scan report for April 1 and April 5.

April 1 states:
Chronic right MCA infarct (the old stroke)
and bilateral lacunes on the basal ganglia.

I didnt know what the word lacunes was so looked it up: it means - a small stroke but for a specific area of the brain.

When I saw that it took about 5 readings for it to hit me. The strokes on the 1st of April were visible on the CT scan.

April 5 scan
Left posterior cerebral artery circulation infarct in the right medial occipital lobe. Multiple bilateral small lacunar infarcts in the basal ganglia.

The 3 pages of hand written notes on his decline was missing. So I am not even sure that the file is complete.

I have contacted another attorney; this one in San Fran, a large firm that deals with nothing but head injuries. I should here from them on Friday.

I have been put on antidepressants now, doc figured I probably needed something after coming home from a weekend away with Mom to find someone torched my car (they threw a lit book of matches on the seat).

Otherwise I am holding up ok.

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I don't know if it's possible, but is there any way you can get hard-copy documents from the hospital which include the missing pages? If not, your new attorney can have them subpeonaed.

I do know how difficult this is for you. After all you've gone through, you really shouldn't have to deal with more pain. But, please keep your chin up and keep moving forward. Most of all, take care of yourself, Ces. I'm thinking of you.


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