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Does anyone know how I can get Medicare to pay for more than $4,800 in ambulance rides to doctor's offices? I've already been turned down on my first appeal.

My mother can no longer walk nor can she sit in a wheel chair for more than a half hour. Her primary doctor does come to the house to see her but she needed surgery earlier this year and had to be transported to the surgeon, cardiologist and diagnostic center on a gurney.

I provided Medicare with all her test results proving that it was medically necessary to transport her via non-emergency ambulance and don't know what else to do.
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I wish I knew the answer... I would say to perhaps contact an eldercare attorney and see if they will give you a free consultation for 1/2 hour or so. Make sure you have all your questions and thoughts outlined before you go and the history of all you have provided in the way of paperwork.

Some one else may have some good advice for you here - I hope so. Meanwhile, hang in there and try to get some expert advice from any avenue you can think of. You are on the right track. An accountant might know the ins and outs of medicare also. Just know that we are here for you and wish you the best of luck in all that you are doing!

Blessings, Glenda
I haven't made my second appeal to Medicare yet. In this mornings mail I received the mysterious "PCS" forms from my mom's doctor. It is a "physician certification statement" for ambulance transport that confirms that a patient is bed-confined, is unable to get out of bed safely with one person assisting and can not safely support themselves in a wheelchir.

When the doctor's staff originally called Medicare to find out the rules for transport and payment they were told that if the doctor signed this form then Medicare would pay for the transport. And when Medicare pays their 80% then BCBS pays the other 20%.

So I'll submit this paperwork with my 2nd appeal and hope that it works. Gosh how I hate...hate...hate.. having to do other peoples work. If the ambulance company had submitted these forms with the original billing I don't think I'd be going through this hassle now!

Physically taking care of my mom is a "piece of cake" compared to dealing with all the collection notices on unpaid medical bills because of inept billing departments.

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