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My wife is like a queen
and her hospital bed her throne
using less and less morphine
and I'm glad she is never left alone.

Whenever I have my petty cares
or throw a tantrum at my woes
I think of my wife without despairs
with a tube running up her nose.

Tears come when I think of the bags for her waste
but by her side I feel like I'm in a garden
she remains as white as snow and as chaste
and out of prison back into life may she be granted a pardon.

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Only in retrospect
I have come to realize
what I did neglect
what I didn�t actualize.

The love was always there
being blessed beyond measure
my life an answered prayer
clouds raining down my treasure.

My eyes must have clouded over
and the anchor wasn�t lifted
in my hand a four leaved clover
but in stagnant water we just drifted.

Now her life so many bodily concerns
one bout of breast cancer and now ovarian
which is a cancer that so often returns
the task of recovering is herculean.

Life for her is continuous struggles
and my love just grows wider and deeper
knowing she�s in the hands of one who juggles
while I have become a constant weeper.

Mick - I have to communicate this to you:

Your love for your wife has no boundries , and she knows that life isn't always fair:
Your wife knows that 100 years from now, neither of you will have a care:
Your devotion is like a blanket that wraps her in sheer warmth and love:
The love you both share will be eternal and safe up above:

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