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It's almost 3 months since Mom's passing.
Her room has been cleaned out and redecorated. I have turned it into "my room" with wicker furniture that I have always wanted.

I miss her terribly. I am still crying over any little thing. I just cannot believe that she is gone. I keep asking her why she has not come back to let me know that she is OK. she told me she would.

I miss our time together. I miss her not being at the dinner table. I miss doing all those little things I had to do to get her ready for bed. she always thought she was such a burden...sometimes it was very rough....but I'd give almost anything to have her here again.

I know she is not in pain anymore. no more meds or o2, or wheelchair......
Mom, I miss you.......
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Hi Patty:

I am glad to hear that you have the room with wicker that you always wanted. That is so good for you and all. It sounds so light and airy...

Time does go by quickly it seems. It is good that you are crying because that is healing for you. Bless you for all you have done, Patty, and know that we are here for you during this time of grieving.

Love and Hugs from Glenda

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