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Dear experienced and knowledgeable Caregivers,

Having recently completed the Revised Fundamentals Of Caregiving Course I have found that the Agency I work for does not adhere to the regulations stipulated in the course, The management assures me that they are exempt, but it still does not sit right with me, and I need to know if the client and I are at risk in anyway for complying with the Agency's Management demands of the Caregiver. 

Just a couple examples; The Agency are telling Caregivers that medications can be given an hour before and and hour later (and even later) than the prescribed time listed on the Med Sheet, rather than the '30 minute rule' taught at the RFOC course? Also, that it is OK to pick up a fallen client if ask to do so by management, and the rule of calling 911 does not apply. Additionally, clients can be made to stay awake in order to get them to sleep at night. There other things that they also ask caregivers to do that does not conform to what was taught in this RFOC course. What I need  to know is if what was taught in this course is really 'optional' to the Agency, and, if so, under what kinds of
circumstances is The Agency exempt from these regulations?

Thank you.
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Hello A simple Joy

Welcome... I am sorry... Unfortunately, my level of awareness deals with family members, friends, partners etc who are caregivers. I have no idea about this agency and their demands and compliance. I would check with the state you are from and their administration to learn more about your request.

all good wishes


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