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My husband has just returned from his 6th hospitalization since the end of December. His body is very debillitated, and he has become fecally incontinent. He has all his faculties, but cannot walk well, and has loose stools and when they come on, he cannot hold it until he gets to the toilet. I was able to collect a sample to have it tested for C-Diff, but here is my question.

I have to buy some adult diapers for him. He agrees that it is the best thing right now until he can get everything in better shape, because soiling himself and what he is sitting on is embarassing.

I have no idea which ones are the most comfortable and have the best protection against oozing out the sides.

Oh, gosh, I cannot tell you how I hate to see my very handsome and wonderful husband in such a condition. It is so sad.
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I am sorry that you & your husband have to go thru this.

My Father went thru the same thing. The positive thing is when his stools became solid - he was able to make it to the tiolet on time - so his was more an on and off thing.

For him - and loose stools what seemed to have worked the best is the kind that I ordered from the medical supply store - that supplied his hospital bed and other medical supplies. I do NOT remember the name of them - but the were blue and had tabs - it just looked like a very large blue baby diaper.

The other thing that I liked is the most towelettes to clean up - that seemed to work very well - as well as pro-shield. I know with having stools against your skin for any amount of time - especially for someone who has trouble being mobile - you are at higher risk for bedsores. Pro-shield worked wonders for him.

My Mother uses depends - but she refuses to put the "belt" on - so anytime she has an accident is is EVERYWHERE - down her legs on the floor ect. So my experience with depends have NOT been good - however it she would agree to use them properly they could be good as well.

Good luck.


My mom has been wearing disposable undergarments for close to five years now. My dad never wanted her to wear diapers. In his mind, it maintains mom's dignity to wear pull on panties. So, we have been buying the Assurance brand from Walmart. They have different levels of absorbency. They pull on like regular underpants and are comfortable. She has not suffered from rashes, sores or any discomfort.

Walmart's brand of panties are just as good (if not better) than Depends and they cost less than ten dollars for a package of 18 to 20, depending on the absorbency.

Your husband might feel better wearing something that doesn't resemble a diaper. It's really a personal choice but it's really important to be sensitive to what the person wearing them wants.

I hope this has helped just a little.


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There are so many kinds of "diapers" or Adult Briefs. Usually if it's a heavy incontinence situation. You can use a diaper with tapes, and some have "velcro" Either paper facing or plastic. With paper facing it's more breathable and comfortable than plastic which may be noise and builds heat during the summer months.

You can also look in to Pull Up/Protective Underwear which are just like underwear which you can slip on and off or rip the sides if you need to remove them.

The absorbancy comes from a polymer that gels up when it becomes wet, so a thicker diaper is not necessary a dryer one.

You also need to make sure that the size is right otherwise it will leak and bigger is not better.

Depends is the big name brand but they are not as absorbent as Tranquility, Prevail or Attends.

Give CWI Medical at a call for samples. Or Try HDIS, Or Woodbury

Goood Luck! and I hope this helps
Well, my husband has graduated to just undies. His stools have hardened up and he is doing his "butt" exercises faithfully, and walking slowly on the treadmill to get those glutes in better shape.

He's such a trooper. He never minded his "baggies" as he called them. He said it was better than an accident and gave him some peace of mind. We did joke about the situation, and thankfully, it is more normal now.

But I still have some in the closet, just in case.
Hello Everyone:
I was so glad to see this topic as I am just beginning to need some help with incontinence.
I guess I am uninformed because I thought that Depends were adult diapers, but apparently there's something else available out there.
My Mom has been wearing depends, but they are not sufficient, even the most absorbent ones. I've been combing them with pads, but if there's something more I can get that would be great.
Perhaps someone can clear this up for me.
How wonderful to have a place to go.
Also, perhaps a suggestion for the most economical way to buy them.
Thanks everyone.
God Bless the one who cares.

Hi everyone! It's me again and I have learned so much about adult diapers since I last posted.
This may be a new thought, but there are about 150 listings for them on e-bay at extremely good prices. Especially if you already know what you're looking for.
Just go there and search on adult diapers. I found quite a few listings for barrier creams also.
If you're not an e-bay user, believe me it's easy to sign up. Give it a try!
I have found countless helpful things there including general items like walkers, bath chairs, etc.
Hope this is of some help to someone.

Thanks for being there.

Dear Tane:

That is excellent advise. I had never thought of eBay for walkers and such. I have an eBay account and have bought and sold on there. Luckily I haven't had much of a need for adult diapers (knock on wood) and so have never been much help in that area. I personally love to buy earrings on eBay (lol)... I usually buy earrings when I feel the need to be cheered up!

Hugs from Glenda
I found that with my mother who has dementia and is incontinent, that Depends pull-ups are the best for her and the easiest to put on. I began to order them online at I order 4 packages of 36 each and the delivery is free and you earn points that gives you money off each subsequent order. The delivery is timely and I have been very satisfied with their service. Otherwise, my dad would order them from the pharmacy, but he would only buy for one week at a time, and when she began using more, she ran out several times and I had to shlep to the pharmacy and shlep to the assisted living where my parents live. Online ordering is the way to go for me!! This way, there's plenty of extra depends instead of worrying whether there is enough. I try to take any bit of stress out of my life and this certainly helps!
I'm happy to see this discussion, too. I am in the process of "switching" my mom over from regular undies with an absorbent pad in them to full incontinence briefs.

I am a "commando caregiver," - I just do the things that need to be done and live with the results, so my method may sound mean, but I just took away all of Mom's regular underwear and replaced them with the disposable kind. She has the right to complain (and does), but unless she wants to go bare-bottomed, she has no choice but to wear them.

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