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Don't know if some of you remember me, but I was taking care of the DH for 7 years then put him in a nursing home. He was there for 6 months and he got an ulcer on his ankle which turned into sepsis. He was in hospital for 6 days, then went to rehab for 2 weeks. Well I have now been taking care of him for the last 10 weeks. He has MS and is much weaker then when we went into the home. I now use a hoyer to get him in and out of bed, but in a way it is a little easier on me because before he would try to get in bed by himself and fall, so I was always on alert. Still have no assistance but am on a pretty good schedule, or somewhat since the kids are out of school.

The sad part is that I got a call this morning that my Dad passed away this morning. I am so sad. He hasn't been in good health the last few years but you never expect this. Now I am worried about my Mom because she isn't in the best health either and I don't really think that she can live alone for much longer. She had a stroke about 10 years ago and is blind in one eye and the other is getting weaker also. Don't think that she will be able to carry the mortgage as she only has SS and in FL as in much of the US nothing is selling. I can't help her financially either as we just get by, by the grace of God. They live about 140 miles away and the service is going to be on Monday so I have to rent a handicap van because can't leave DH home for that long by himself.
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Thanks Glenda. Well the funeral was on Monday, very touching and sad. As I pulled up to the funeral home the ambulance was in front of the building so I knew that couldn't be a good sign. My Mom passed out as she was walking into the place, they checked her and her blood pressure was very low, which is surprising as it is usually very high even with her medication. She lives about 150 miles away so it is hard for me to see her but my 2 brothers live over there. I couldn't spend the night because I had DH at home with one of my daughters so it was a long day as I didn't get home until 11:30 and left about 9:00 am. I talked to her yestarday because all the long distance people went home, but she seems to be surprising well. I am going to go on Saturday, my plan was to take care of his clothes, etc. but she said that she already did that. She said it wasn't as bad as she thought, but said that she couldn't look at pictures.

I seem to go through so many emotions with the death of my Dad, one thought leads to another and I have been journaling quite a bit and that seems to help. We have a blended family as he had kids and us and they have one between them. My step sister and brother live in other states and I really don't know them, but my other brothers do because they have come to town but I was never invited because I have a handicap DH so I have yet more anger to heal. Life lessons are hard to swallow at times.
Dear Donna:

What a difficult time this is for you... Your loss and your DH to care for. It is hard to be strong at times and so don't feel bad if you are not. We expect so much from ourselves at times. Not many people understand the strain that you are under right now. Try to take care of yourself during this time and not subject yourself to others who don't understand. Keep journaling because that is a good practice. Know that we are here for you and take time to be good to you...

Hugs from Glenda

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