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It is with a very heavy heart that I write this. On Wednesday, September 27, Mick's wife Gloria lost her courageous battle with ovarian cancer.

I am sure those that knew Mick and grew to love his poetry and felt his pain and suffering throughout Gloria's battle would want him to know you are keeping him, his son Gabriel, and Gloria in your thoughts and prayers.

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Hi Mimi,

Thank you for informing us of Gloria's passing. I know that everyone here will pray for any easy transition for her and for healing for Mick, Gabriel and family.

I trust you are taking care of your own health which is so very important... please keep us posted on how you are doing.

I am so sorry to hear about the loss. I lost my mom on the 9th of this month. I loved her and I do misss her so much. His wife died on my birthday. My mom died 18 days before my birthday. I really couldn't celebrate my birthday correctly. I wish I could but it brings back to many sad memories for me cause her and I always did special things between us on my birthday. I miss my best friend and my confidant in life. I feel as if I have nobody anymore. It has been really hard lately.

Dear Shannon:

I can hear your pain over the loss of your mother still... What a sad birthday this year for you. I hope you are taking time for yourself to grieve. A good cry is the best thing you can do for yourself. Take the time to mourn. It helps to check out a bunch of sad movies from the library during this time... Another good thing might be to seek out a grief support group. Meanwhile, just know that you, too, are in our thoughts and prayers...

Love and Hugs from Glenda

I have been a real slump right now. I can't cry cause I have to stay strong for my dad. Then I just found out some stuff about my mom that I just can't believe. I can't talk about that just yet. I wonder at times since my birthday if my mom really did love me? I have been hurting so badly lately. I can't take the pain anymore. Why do I have to deal with this sadness and loss. I mean not even a month yet. I watched patch Adam's last night and I said maybe if he was one of her doctor's she would have been a little happier. I miss her oh so much right now. why oh why does this have to hurt so badly? I can't stand her not being here anymore. I used to talk with her about 30 times a day. I just sit here and wait to hear the phone ring and I want to say hi mom. I love you oh so much. Yes I was the baby of the family. I want her here with me at times. I hate that she missed my birthday. I was in the er about a weeka nd half ago with severe stomach pain on the right side, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, they did a cat scan to make sure it wasn't gall bladder or apeendicitis. Which I just ended up with bladder and kidney infection. When I didn't feel good mom always knew how to calm me down and soothe me. I was missing her comforting me that day. I didn't want to be in no er. I just thought of how many times mom ended up there for the different things. The last time was to pass on. my heart is broken and shattered into a million little pieces. Sometimes I wonder how am I supposed to live without her giving me the advice she did. I miss us watching movies together and reading and talking about our babies these akitas we had. We used to have an aquarium together. I just want it back the way it used to be with us. I can't watch certain movies cause of her. we both had our favorites, she liked antwan fisher, family stone, must love dogs, raising helen, dawn anna, from homeless to harvard. We used to always watch animal planet and Steve Irwin together. the croc hunter. dog the bounty hunter, forensic files,... I can't watch these shows anymore without thinking of her. I loved her oh so much.

I am sorry I am just rattling on and on so sorry.

Shannon, I feel your pain.
You are in the worst time right now. It does get better but it takes time.

My Mom passed away at the end of January and there are many, many days when I cry and miss her so much I don't think I can stand it anymore.

Just know that your Mom is in a better place. I know that's not much consolation when you are missing her so much.

But take care of yourself. And go ahead and cry.
God Bless, Patty have my very deepest condolences..I know how much Gloria meant to you..take care of yourself at this time..

Shannon..I'm so sorry too for your mom was my best friend too and tomorrow will be 6 years since she passed away..seems like yesterday..your post brought so many memories back to me..especially the part about how she made you feel better when you weren't feeling well..moms are special people and we must hold them dear to our hearts, more so now that they aren't with us..I think tomorrow I'll have my good cry for the year..

take care Shannon..
I am really worried about my dad now cause he is soooo upset.... He has really been crying for my mom. I feel bad for him but i don't know what I can do for him. We got him to hospice and to a grief support group yesterday. I just wish he would feel better. I try to keep him as busy as I can. I can't grieve cause I have to stay soo strong for him. If I start crying in front of him then he starts balling. I don't like to see him hurt so much in life. He is a good guy. I miss mom a lot right now. I just don't feel that my life is going to be the same ever again. I did everything I could for her but I still feel like I didn't do enough for her at times. When she first got really bad in 98 my sister called me on the phone and said we have to go to Ohio. I was like no I am in the middle of my classes in college I can't do that. She then told me that my mom might die. I said how is that going to happen? Nobody ever told me that mom had the heart surgery, she almost died three times on the operating table. I never talked to her before that surgery. I really felt like my sister did me wrong by trying to hide it from me. I always think how would I feel if I didn't say goodbye to my mom at the time. That really would have been screwed up for me. I don't think I could have ever forgiven her for that. I still carry anger at my sister for that alone. I wonder how she would have felt I kept my sister safe by not telling her. But she never got to talk to mom after that surgery. I think I would have been really emotionally scarred from that. I was young at the time when that was going on. It was so hush hush on me that we don't want to upset Shannon. They say I can't handle a lot, but dang my mom on the operating table could have died. That would have been horrible. I don't think I could have stayed in contact with any of my family if my mom did die at that time. I think I am still hurt from that. It brings tears to my eyes. It really does how could a family do that to a person. I don't feel you should ever hide the possibility of death from any child, adult or anyone. We all have to go at one time or another.

I loved my mom I really did and still do.


I know you are having a difficult time and perhaps you could go to the hospice grief group as well. I can understand that you feel you need to be strong for your dad but not to grieve is rather strong.

I think being vulnerable and both crying and hugging can be an incredible release as you both loved your mom so very much... tears are cleansing... and for you to keep a mask of strength is not really being authentic with yourself or your dad.. on one hand, you wanted your sister to be open and honest with you and you in fact are doing something similar with your dad, thinking he can't handle it.

Crying is not bad.. it cleanses the soul.. there is loss, there is pain, there is fear.. there are so many emotions that can arise for both of you.. making it safe for you to both express yourself is an incredible support for one another during this time of loss... please keep us posted... my thoughts and prayers are with you and your dad.

richest blessings and may your healing journeys be gentle and nurturing.

I tend to cry when no one is around me. Like this morning roommate went to work dad was at work. I balled my eyes out with my Keiko who is a dog and I love. I put my head on her and she used her as a pillow to cry on and petted her. She was my mom's favorite dog she said I am going to get another Keiko when she passes away. Well we never expected mom to pass before our 6 year old dog did. It is going to be hard when she dies also. I love her and my mom. It seems almost like Keiko is my mom. She has had three litters of puppies in the past she is spayed now.
I love and miss you mom. I have been sad on and off today. I do cry but when I am by myself mainly.


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