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A home is only a fantasy kingdom to dwell
It's life alone on the road that's real
and all I'm inhabiting now is an empty shell
that no longer to me has any appeal.

So everyday I'm out for a long walk
wishing someone else inside my shoes
glad to return home not having to talk
wondering what else in the cauldron brews.

I go by the church where my wife attended
and where my son and I knelt by her side
regretting the Eucharist she's been suspended
for the Catholic marriage that was denied.

In spite of twenty four years of marital union
and that my spouse as a nun once did serve
so long has had to live without blessed communion
and yet her faith and devotion never did swerve.

Though once in the hospital she got absolution
but that was only a one time granted pardon
and she received the wafer in holy benediction
in tears telling me one time allowed into the garden.

My beliefs are not contained within any walls
and I don't subscribe to tenets of exclusion
I think more personal reasons on why one falls
and feelings of the heart don't draw conclusions.

And this is the gift I now so want to give
a Catholic marriage if finally they relent
to show that love if nothing else does live
and that together our souls will make the ascent.

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