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Hi everyone..
Hope you all are doing well in our winter season..I'm going to try and catch up here over the weekend if my computer cooperates..
have had my husbands old computer rebuilt with lots of ram and lots of HD and it's even a dual boot(my software for work isn't xp compatible)and..voila..ever since I've been trying to use it I've been maliciously hacked every turn I xp won't even stay running..God only knows why people take it upon themselves to ruin the internet for others..

Anyways I missed posting in October that it's been 6 years since I'd lost my mother..seems like yesterday really..I still think about her daily and of course miss her very much but I am able to cherish my memories more than become upset with them..time does heal in some respects/aspects..
I am really missing my dad with the upcoming Christmas season I've noticed..didn't so much last year but now I think it's really sunk taking it one day at a time which is about all you can do when getting over grief..
We miss and love you Mom, Dad, and Father in Law..
Gary and Mary-Ann
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Hi Gary and Mary-Ann:

Thank you for sharing. I can relate to the upcoming holidays... Somehow they just don't seem the same anymore. Dad has only been gone for two weeks and three days today. Not a day goes by without the tears falling.

I have taken to going out on the lake in my pedalboat and just feel his presence as big as the sky. This was the lake he loved for over fifty years and built his dream home on. I am so grateful to stay in his environment for now. I think it will help me heal over time.

Love from Glenda
Hi glenda...

I'm so sorry about your have my
very deepest condolences..
Yes, holidays or just times during the year that always had a special meaning are so tough to get through..I've been doing my fair share of crying lately and it's over a year since my dads passing..the tears seem to help a little..
No matter how old we are or how long our parents are gone we'll always be their little girls..: )

take care..
Hey Girls! Yep --- holidays and other times of memories seem to do a # even if it's been 6 years since losing my Mom. Of course, staying in her home with my Dad ill brings it all back up over and over. The emotional ups and downs get tough - but we just have to do it a day at a time. Today my Dad brought me this little puppet like Santa Claus he had in a drawer, and he said Do You Need This? He has always been a scrooge at Xmas - so I thought he was going to be the same this year. It got the best of me, and I put it on the counter where we could see it. I will be going to be with my husband about 1 hour away next Tuesday, and come back after Xmas day. Will be tough, but have someone to call him as well as myself, and hoping for the best. Plan to cook up lots of tv style dinners to freeze as his hands are so stiff from PD that he can barely open things. His walking is not good, but he has survived as he goes to get his meds, to the grocery store, and I worry -but no one else will offer. I pray he hears from my brothers, but as usual as much as I have tried --- I expect nothing. Somehow that little Santa Claus did a # on my heart just as I was a little "peeved" with him again, so it felt good, and it felt bad too!
God Bless!

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