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Well today is day 4 since the stent was put in. I feel great, no pain (havent had any since it was put in), no fever, just feel wonderful....

I have to keep reminding myself you just had surgery and remember my rules... no bending no lifting no stretching etc etc...

My appitite has been wonderful since the stent was put in. I am eating much better than I did before the hysterectomy surgery...

My bowels are waking up from all the anestesia. Which I know makes them move slow and takes time to get out of the system... But the way I have been eating lately and what has been the output I was beginning to get scared of more problems....

Today I am venturing out for a SMALL shopping spree with my daughter. She has been wonderful through all the medical emergency and planned surgery... She definately picked up the ball on her fathers care and did a wonderful job. I did give her the last couple of days away from home, but she is a worry wort and called home or came in to be sure everything is ok.

Now I have to be sure I don't over do.. Which is getting harder and harder since I feel so good. Aside from the stent poking me on occasion I don't feel it much anymore. Guess I am adjusting...I still have fear of removing it, fear my problem will return, fear the damage wont fix itself with the stent in there.... but I suppose those are normal fears and in the end it will all turn out just fine.

Well I best get ready to go... don't want to be out in the heat of the day... You all take care and have a wonderful day .. I know I will....

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Dear Ces:


By the way, I am on a summer break and have been back at the boards. I ran across an old posting of yours that was just great. And kinda appropos. It was a definition of the word "FINE". It was a great posting and it made me laugh! It is good to hear you are doing well ... As, for me, I am doing just "fine" and having a good break (from school anyway)!


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