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When my daughter was pregnant for the first time (after just overcoming the horrible weakness, pain, etc. of Lyme Disease), my mother became ill.

This should have been an exciting time for all of us, but it was so hard to celebrate the good news when my mother thought someone was trying to kill her. She was convinced that the neighbor next door was running a pipe with poisonous gas through the wall and into Mom and Dad's house.

We were called night after night by my father to try and calm her down (sundowning). Things got so crazy after awhile. We would have to bring her inside after she'd go flying to the neighbor's house screaming and swearing. Long story short....she was put on risperdol (sp?) and after a long time, things improved.

So, during my daughter's pregnancy, the majority of time was spent with my mother and father. Things got better for awhile and then my mother broke her ankle.....had to go a few times to nursing homes for therapy. Years started to pass and things got worse and worse.

My daughter became pregnant again....this time with a little girl...I was so excited for her. But again, I couldn't spend time with her because my mother was going downhill. By the time the baby was born, May 29, 2003, my mother was in Hospice. She passed away June 30, 2003, almost one month to the day of baby Jordan's day of birth.

I'm so sorry that we missed the two daughter needed help and I couldn't be with her...BUT, my mother needed me too.

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