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Well this is boring after all the excitement I have had with complications...

Pathology showed no cancer, nothing exciting, everything normal....

I have been released to drive officailly... I am still concerned with driving Dad's van so told Mom not yet give me a few more days. Don't want to chance any more problems..

Urologist appt was made for removal of the stent...and discussion of the possible complications of that... found out due to the fact the stent was able to be put in means that the ureter was not cut or sewn shut which means it should be uneventful...rarely does the problem come back and if it does then surgery will be needed to remove scare tissue from the ureter.

I was sent to the lab for another CBC and Urine culter to ensure my meds are working. I will hear back IF there is a problem this afternoon...

Found out the stitches she used are self disolving so no need for removal of them... she checked the incission and looks good no infection, no drainage, no bleeding....

Like I said boring post op .... but would any one rather have anything else...

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Hi Ces,
So happy to hear you are on the road of recovery. Its always great to a boring recovery haha Continue taking care of yourself and even though you are feeling much better I know its harder to remember to slow down.
I been gone for the last week over the 4th of July and again heading out today for a week vacation with hubby. My sister thankfully is going to take care of my mom so I can get away. But I wanted to wish you the best and take care of yourself.

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