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I can barely type at the moment but I have to get something out here . .
Last Friday a dear friend passed away after an 18 year battle with ovarian cancer the next day? found out another died marriage counseling . . good but my God . . .

this is insane .

and today my 'sister' called to say she had an ovarian cyst burst and she is one who when she says she is in pain . . . she is in pain . . .

I'm 'losing' myself but not .. .

trying to take care of myself the best I can but geez!

And hits just keep on coming!

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Dear Seba:

Goodness, you have been having a rough time this year. How is your mother doing? Since losing Dad, I realize how little time we really have on this earth. It seems like yesterday when he was still here. It has been almost a year...

Anyhow, this is not about me. It is about how you are holding up. I hope your support system is gaining strength. You deserve to be cared for too. Know that we are here for you...

Hugs, Glenda
Hey Glenda . . . bless your heart . . . somehow I missed replying to you and I'm sorry about that . . please forgive me! How are you holding up????

This is about you too . . . it's about all of us . .

How is my Mom . . she is really really down . .now she has arthritis in her foot and that just takes the cake for her . .
and for me . . both knees replaced and now she can't walk . . think she might be looking at another surgery which would put her in a wheel chair for 2 months and she has said that there is no way she'll do that but . . . now is saying she has to do something which tells me that she might be considering it . . . and yes we have very little time on this planet and I think about that a lot . . alot

My support system . . . huh . . .

I have my yoga 'group' but no real support . . . not into groups . . on the upside though I've met a lovely lady nearby that I can call . . . who has her Mom ill . .
so in the grand scheme . .. I'm creating support . . certainly not housebound.

But, I'm just exhausted . . . physically and emotionally.

found a couple to talk to that FINALLY! is helping our marriage! Previous to that we had some doozies . . . last woman asked me 'why are you like that'???? I almost hit her . . . not really but wow .. . 120 bucks an hour and a doctorate to say why are you like that???? Like what? normal????
She saw things my husband's way and didn't really at least I don't think to see them my way . . I know, Glenda, that we would have been divorced had I not said that's it .. we go to someone else . . . so now we are talking to a lovely couple in Arizona that is just! wonderful!

At half the price and incredibly dedicated and we are doing so so so much better!

Still, I'm beat! Does that sound ungrateful?????

Goodness thought that was going to be quick but guess not!

Yah it's been quite a ride and I'd love for things to stay smooth here for a while . . just got ( hopefully ) past a bug infestation problem too . . . couldn't call an exterminator due to our landlord . . .

so I did the cleaning but they got to some of my work . . all to say exhaustion.

Thanks you!


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