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The Caregiver Support research study seeks participants to help test an online program designed to help caregivers provide assistance to an aging loved one. Participants can receive up to $275 for filling out four online surveys and trying out a new caregiver support website.


� To qualify, participants must be providing caregiving support to an aging loved one who needs assistance with at least one activity of daily living (i.e. eating, bathing, etc.)
� Must have an email address and a computer with a high-speed Internet connection.

If interested, please visit:

This study is being conducted by the Oregon Center for Applied Science, Inc. by a grant from the National Institute on Aging.
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No Gail, she did not move back in with me, she is still at my sister's home. I decided to take a look at the survey and answer their preliminary questions, and they said I qualified. There was a question, how much time do you spend with the person needing care and it was a multiple choice, don't remember exactly the amounts of time in each section, but it said including the time spent communicating with the primary caregiver. I continue to care for my mom on the Sundays, full days, and spend a substantial amount of time talking to my sister. In any case, I answered it honestly and they said I qualified. Guess we shall see what happens.
I will definitely keep you informed! You know, I have let my sister know about this website, many, many times, and also other support groups, through the Alzheimer's assn, but she simply is not interested. My sister and I are so different. I'm not criticizing her, just difficult for me to see things her way. She would rather not know about the disease. When my mom went to live with her, I bought her the book "The 36 hour day"'s been 2-1/2 years, and she hasn't read it. She started to, but it makes her uncomfortable.

When my mom was living here and I had her aide Urszula, who is still with my mom, I would make sure I took care of Urszula, monetarily. I paid her for days off, when she was sick, even one time her husband was in the hospital and she came to work, and I told her to go be with her husband, and paid her for the day. I told that to my sister and she thought I was out of my mind. She doesn't give her one penny more than what she works. Urszula use to drive my mom to the beauty shop once a week, now she refuses to do that. Gee, I wonder why??? Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful that my sister has taken my mom in and my mom has a very nice area in my sister's house, on the second floor and she thinks she is living in her own apartment. That allows my sister a lot of freedom and privacy, something I never had. My sister and BIL can be home and mom doesn't even know it, so it works well for them both. Urszula is with my mom six days a week. She's the one who deserves all the credit!!! [IMG][/IMG]

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