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Working from home

Hi, Folks.

Hope everyone is enjoying a nice summer day...

Well, my lil home biz (custom computer programs for local mom and pop's) is whithering on the vine. I don't think I have the energy, or really the desire to revive it. Too much new technology to keep up with, and everyone wants to pay next to nothing for lots of functionality. I'll continue to support the handful of repeat customers, but they don't provide enough work for me to pay the bills.

Therefore, I'm looking for parttime employment, doing something where I can continue to work from home. I'd rather not do sales or be tethered to the phone. I know a few of you have "work from home" incomes. Any ideas?

Someone from a message board for computer consultants posted a link to a board for freelancers. From there I found another board of work-at-home moms. They sound so upbeat, it just made me feel more lethargic (sigh!).

Right now I would settle for "just a job" type work, where I do the work and get paid without having to make an emotional investment (or monetary for that matter).

Thanks for listening.

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