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Reply to "What are you looking forward to next year?"

Hola Asiza.. great post and wonderful thoughts

I find that on a daily basis when I meditate that I give thanks and reflect all the good that comes into my life. I also look at the things that don't seem right and begin to understand that it is all good and perfect... it may not always unfold as I think it should but it is usually better when I let go of the need to control and get out of my own way

I started really caring well for myself... somehow lost it midst the stress of launching the new business and the art... so I do want to get back into a deeper form of healing for myself.

My goals turned all topsy turvey when the Universe brought Crystal Illumination into my life. I originally moved here to take 4-6 months and travel to different countries like Japan, Italy and Morocco to do artist in residence programs , meeting international artists and traveling as well. Now, with CIA behind me, I have no idea where it will lead me to... I have surrendered totally trusting that I am guided. My sense is that besides selling my product I will also be doing private installations that hopefully will lead to gallery shows both here and in the states... private special events and more... I haven't really set down and set a list of specific goals.  I feel that it will reveal itself to me in due time.

Also working a little more behind the scenes for Empowering Caregivers to grow it again... we shall see

Happy Holidays and a New Year filled with all you dare to dream.

2 Life