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Reply to "What about Medicaid?"

Hello Caregiving Daughter:

Thank you so much for your response to my post. Your advice is so helpful. And your timing is perfect!

Right now I have been trying to do some home repairs - what a nightmare that can be!!! Especially after over fifteen years of deferred maintenance. Plus, now the car is broke down and so my stress level rises...

What is really hard is timing. I am afraid if I run through his money and he lives for another ten years, it will be difficult for me to make ends meet and keep him at home. But then I worry every time he is in the bathroom for more than five minutes that he's never coming out... (dad had colon cancer over two years ago and came home on hospice.) Since 2001, he's bounced back from adversity twice and I worry so about his diet and digestion.

So, one day, I think "spend the money" (fix the house and buy a newer car) and the next I worry about the future. I get weary of making all the decisions... Plus I have siblings to give me grief when all is said and done!

I appreciate so your words of encouragement and love your jacuzzi idea. I think, since I am burned out on home remodelling right now, I will look at trading the old car!!!
Whew - do I feel better... Thank you, c.d., for giving me the opportunity to vent here! Somehow, things always do work out - and I must keep the faith!

Happy Holidays from Glenda