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Reply to "What about Medicaid?"

A couple of weeks ago my husbands company
was having a 20the anniversary party and
my husband wanted me to attend. I ask everyone I knew who could I get to sit with
my FIL ? Finally my brother who owns the company called hospice in a larer nearby city and they faxed him a list of caregivers
and it gave some fee and stipulation. I had
asked the Hospice my FIL is with for a sitter
they couldnt allow someone to sit unless he
would not smoke. He is on oxygen 24/7 and
a heavy,heavy smoker. I hope this helps you
and others who might read this post.
As far as family goes. Some people always have something to critize others for. They
never seem to have a salution. My FIL had
11 children. Now 10 as one died. Of all of
those 1 offerd to come to our home and sit
with their DaD if I need a break. This sister-in-law had a son who had cereabal palsy he only lived to be 16. So she knows
how demanding it is to care for another person. These kids had not seen their Dad
in 8 years and my husband told them I they
want to see him alive they best make the trip
from Wiconsin to Missouri. Guess what they
came 14 of them and camped in our yard. Except 4 who didnt know in the country you have tick. and chiggers. So I spent 4 days
cooking for additonal 14 people. Geeeees
guess I needed to vent SOrrrrry