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Reply to "What about Medicaid?"

My dealing with medicade is limited and would
be somewhat different than your father. My
father-in-law has been on medicade for sometime, it is a great help for his medicine
and he would qualify for health aid. But
he has no property other than an automobile.
I do know my son-in-laws grandmother was on
medicaid and she had a lady come in her home
who cleaned and cooked her meal. She also
moniter her health to alert the family of
possible problems. This helped her daughter out as they all worked. Until she passed away
now medicaide is claiming ownership to her
proptery. They can only get half as her daughter was on the title with her mother.
Dont know why your attorney wouldnt tell you
that this is possible. Do know medicade will
investigate anything that your father owns.
Their are benefits but also downfalls, depending on what your father is willing to relinquish.
Hope this is some help