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This came in an email to me.

I have placed a fictitious name for the writer.

I have been a caregiver for 3 years. I failed miserably at living; and decided it was time to see a psychologist. My Problem with living life was, I never set healthy boundries In my life.

I got a book called boundries, when to say yes and when to say No. This book saved my life.

I started working at an assisted Living home. I set my hours for what I thought I could successfully handle - 3 days a week. I moved to 4 days a week for 6 hours a day. Then I moved to 4 days a week 8 and 1/2 hours. This allows me to gear myself up for the 5th day, if I am called in to help for shortages or call offs.

I put myself in the main focus to meet goals, One at a time. I have never been better in my life. I have reached every goal I set, which was alot. I gave myself a date to , complete accomplishment and then I told my boss, my next goal. I asked if there is anything else in the area that I was working on that needed fine tuning. In doing this, My self esteem and confidence went up. I didnt have time to look at anyone else but me. So I didnt have time to judge others work or get in gossip sessions.

In doing this I have to fight to keep the bullies off my back and I take alot of crap from my coworkers. I try to keep focus on being a teamplayer, and working to my best ability. Life is so satisfying. I feel like I am 100% balance and boundary oriented. My residents look for me every morning, and if I have a day or 2 off they usually save everything for me to do for them because they trust me. I have become a very significant person in over 100 lives and in my coworkers lives.

Learning to give of myself and what the Lord wants for me in life, And not punishing myself in self pity has made me very efficient , resourseful and I matter. Balancing home with kids and a husband, and work, is of hard. I think setting boundries for good balance 100% will help anyone in this field get the best in life and in others.

My name is Happy, I am 38 years old and I learned how to live life by becoming a caregiver.

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