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Reply to "squished into the sandwich generation"

A sandwich caregiver...I would like to tell you about a Dagwood sandwich!

My husband and I together, have three children...Biologically, his daughter..and my two sons....All small when we married...and together, we raised them.

Our daughter and her family are the ones I would like to tell you about...
Our daughter has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,
Our son-in-law...her husband, has a great number of difficulties due to exposure to agent orange in Vietnam...Our grandson,( their son ) has ceberal palsy from birth and now our daughter's biological mother is ill ..emphazyma and coronary disease is living with them because she can no longer manage on her own. Inspite of their own problems, our daughter and son-in-law are trying to hold it all together!
They don't live close enough for me to see them, because of my husband's condition, I can't even offer to try to lend a hand.
They are handling it though...amazing family!

They too, could use some of that help...She fights like a tiger for those gov't benefits
that are available...and to get others put into place!

I let her know about this site...perhaps we'll get some of her input too.

In the mean time they could use our prayers,too.

God bless and keep you all...Pat