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Reply to "squished into the sandwich generation"

Welcome Christian,

Well I must apologize for the delay in my responding to your post. The months passed so quickly; it was as if it was in a blink of an eye. I hate to let go of the correspondence on my end...however, the site was down for a bit and it was important for me to get everything up and in order once again. Caregiverzone is a good site...Unfortunately they have a team to rely on...I am just one doing the work of ten, writing proposals, speaking at the conference, maintaining the site etc. Hopefully, a team will slowly be put together at the onset of the news year...I am praying...

I commend you on your dedication to write a book on how caregivers experiencing the sandwich situation deal with stress and endure day after day, year after year.

The need to have the needs and experiences of caregivers expressed is of great importance. It is through the sharing that other caregivers realize they are not alone. It offers them strength and courage to meet the personal challenges they face in their own role.

I too believe, until more and more people experience what caregiving is all about, those who haven't cannot begin to comprehend it.

I think of wealthy families who have the monies to get offline support, to hire aids...their experiences are widely different than the caregiver who is strapped to the role 24/7.

I would love to offer more assistance in anyway that I can...please feel free to contact me.

Richest blessings in all you are doing.

Warmest wishes,