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Reply to "squished into the sandwich generation"

Hi James,

I am not in the Baby Boomers Generation. I was born 4 years before but still in a "Sandwich" position. My husband and I have taken in my mother-in-law who is very ill and the doc. won't let her live alone anylonger plus I am also caring for 2 disabled young adult children. (Really feel "SQUASHED" in.)

We have to remember that all things changed with World War II. Before then we had what is called extended families. Adult children did not leave home as much, there was always a family member (and their family) living with the parents. As the parents got older and were not working they cared for the grandchildren so their adult children could work. When the older people got sick they were cared for by the ones they were living with. This had gone on for generations and was the natural order in family living not just here but all over the world. It is still that way in many countries.

We are all trying to do our best to set things up for your generation by preparing the way for the Caregivers. It will come. It can not be ignored forever. Caregivers need help. We need to band together. Write to our Representatives and Senators and tell them our concerns.

I have a part time position in a non-profit agency and my title is: Community Resource Early Intervention Specialist. My job is to make myself available to the Elderly who are frail, ill, etc. in order to help them get the services needed so they can stay in their homes and live independantly as long as possible. I also reach out to cargivers in like manner to help them. We are the only Senior Center in our State to provide this type of service. It is needed in all communities.

Unless we can get the caregivers to come together in unison and rally around the bills to help them, then government will continue to ignore us. This is also one of my goals....getting them involved.