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Reply to "squished into the sandwich generation"

Hi James,
Weclome and thank you for your response. Yes the Cargiverzone is working to align itself with major legislative issues, but I believe until all the major sites, organizations etc., unite, the voice of the caregiver will not have the strength it needs to break through the pockets of those who control legislation. Also, until many are hit with the caregiving situation or even in need of a caregiver, it is going to take a lot more unification. Caregivers themselves must begin to take action writing their congress people etc.

It is an established fact by the Rosalyn Carter institute that one out of every four people in the United States will be a caregiver, a carereceiver or both in their life time. This is the future for the baby boomer's and those that follows.

Our parents' generation had both parents their cases they were forced to place their parents into facilities or nursing homes. There was a time before these facilities cropped up where loved ones were taken care of in the home...but while medicine and technology are keeping people alive much longer, a great deal of the time the quality of life can be dimminished...and the lives goes through a much longer deterioration stage before their passing.

Advocacy is going to play an important role with individual family caregivers as well as the web sites and the organizations that support these changes.

In addition to being a caregiver for a parent, as you and millions of others are finding out, it is even more of a challenge to care for a family, with growing children who need attention, love and care. And there are many adult children who must care for a child as well...not to mention the illnesses and breakdowns that caregivers themselves are dealing with from the stresses of caring on an emotional, physical and mental level.

The need is so great...when our government is helping so many in so many other countries, when will they take heed and support the family caregivers who without any training are thrown into their roles at the instance of a diagnosis...

As the vision for Empowering Caregivers grows and investments and funds are secured, we hope to play an active role in helping to institute legislation for respite, financial renumeration and much more.

Warmest Wishes,