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Reply to "Spirituality vs. Belief in God"

Mimi, Chris, Janet and Barb,

Thanks to all for your kindness. I have read each of your messages and have taken the words to heart.

In recent months it does feel just as what Barb wrote, "Some days are just harder than others, and sometimes the hard days are strung together until it's sometimes difficult to remember what a good day is like." You really hit the nail on the head with that one, Barb. And here you are, dealing with your caregiving role and trying to survive yet another hurricane.

And Mimi ... you are caring for your mother who is in the same boat as mine. Feeling the strain of it, too. I do find it interesting that we share common thoughts about many things. I do believe that if we were neighbors, we'd also be the best of friends.

And Janet, here you are ... taking care of your mother and still trying to overcome the grief of losing your dad just a short time ago.

And Chris, taking the time to share with all of us even after your mother-in-law passed away in February.

It means a lot that all of you took a moment to respond to my post. I know that Christians who read it might be offended by my accusations that there is no god. I would never want to offend anyone on this site. So if I have, I humbly apologize. I won't say that I have changed my mind about it.

I will continue to try to be there for my parents and do what I can. I will work on a viable solution to this horrible dilemma. Plans made may have to be changed. If so, I am prepared to change them.

As for the rest of it? Well, I just feel what I feel.

Be well.


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