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Social Security Cuts -Please sign petitions

For 75 years, seniors have been able to count on Social Security benefits, even in the toughest times. That's why I'm so concerned about the deficit commission's meeting next week.

The commission has been charged with balancing the nation's budget � and, under pressure to find cuts in federal spending, Social Security is a prime target.

Social Security didn't cause the deficit � these benefits shouldn't be cut to fix it.

Click here to sign our petition telling Congress and President Obama: don't cut Social Security to fix the deficit.

Over the next few months, the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility will continue meeting to develop recommendations on how to cut the federal deficit, and the risk to Social Security couldn't be higher.

Many members of the commission support cuts to Social Security benefits, including co-chair Alan Simpson, an outspoken critic of the program.

After a lifetime of hard work contributing to Social Security, you, your family and your friends deserve every cent you've earned.

I know you care about America's financial security � and so do we. But our leaders in Washington should crack down on earmarks and wasteful government spending � not Social Security.

Don't let your retirement benefits be put at risk. Click here to tell Congress and the president to strengthen Social Security � not cut it.

Thank you for joining us in this fight. Together we can keep Social Security strong for today's seniors, and generations to come.


Barry Jackson
Senior Manager, Grassroots
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