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Reply to "So Hard"

Dearest Glenda...


the truth is that even though your mom will be entering hospice there is still enough time to share and right what your guilty thoughts are... she has already forgiven you... and so has the higher power... you were doing the best that you could all along and now you are with her unconditionally... what more could some one offer to another?


This past year you have righted your wrongs and have been there for her as she for you. Glenda, if this was another caregiver you were supporting, you would remind them that we only have the present moment... your mom will be with you long after she transitions... don't ever forget we are more than these bodies.. we are spirit... learning, growing and healing in our relationships and from within ourselves.


I forgot to tell you that when you posted the blog, I went to it... I have been listening to the meditations every night as I go to sleep and while I am sleeping. Cecilia Loving's meditations are so angelic... she reminds me of Eric Butterworth's wife when she used to give them at the Unity Church... I went to the Unity Church here in Manhattan and got to meet Cecilia and will be going more often.... thank you for this divine connection.


Remember, Glenda, be as gentle, kind and loving to yourself as you are to your mother and other caregivers here at the site.. and as you were to your father.


Keep your light shining, look into the mirror and remind yourself how loving and incredible you are...


Celebrate in gratitude these precious moments you can share with your mom on this physical plane... don't burden yourself with the past... be fully present in your loving splendor.


Love, light and blessings angel