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Reply to "Sad"

Hello Patty,

You are doing fine... you are grieving... put one of your mom's sweatshirts on or something that you can also feel comforted by... I am glad you are holding on to items that meant a lot to your mother as well as to you...AS for the daily things like cooking, cleaning.. they aren't important at this time.. there are more important things that are holding your thoughts at this time.

Somehow when our loved ones are alive, it is more important to keep up the image for them.. and now you can let it go.. for life is drawing you to other things of more importance.

It is interesting to note, that many a caregiver who quit their jobs as caregivers can no longer go back to their jobs because they hold so little meaning for them.

Caring for someone as we do transforms us in ways we couldn't have imagined.

As for the photos.. the last I had of my mother and myself were from her birthday and mother's day.. and I too, didn't develop them until after her passing. The film had been in the camera so long, I thought that they may not have come out at all.. and to boot, the film broke on the spool so I had t remove the spool at the developing center and then prayed until I actually saw them...

Well they came out I too, was grateful.. take care